· Salchichón de Cebo ibérico ·
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Ibérico salchichón

Our Ibérico products made from meat that comes from Ibérico pigs have a high biological and nutricional value due to the process of fermentation that happens during maturation.

The optimum curing process, our selection of 100% prime cuts from our own Ibérico pigs and our traditional recipe which is based on the mixture of several spices,- with the pepper quite present - give our Ibérico salchichón a mellow flavor reminiscent of bygone days.

INGREDIENTS: Selected lean meat from Ibérico pork, fat, salt, black pepper and natural spices, milk proteins, lactose, dextrose, antioxidant E-301and E-250 and conservative E-252.

Vacuum-packed product. Approximate net weight between 700 and 850 g. Keep refrigerated between 3 and 7 °C. Once opened, keep in a cool, dry place away from sunlight; is not necessary to keep refrigerated but recommended. It is recommended to open the pack 15 mins before serving to maintain the quality of taste and aroma.

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